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Because Ian asked me to post his review of Spore [Sep. 17th, 2008|01:03 am]


This is x-posted in my personal LJ. Ian wanted me to post wherever I could what he thought of Spore, so that people would not "waste" money on it without getting someone's opinion on it first.

Ian: My write-up for SPORE would be as follows:
Cell Phase: B. Repetitive, Pac-man with toys.
Creature Phase: A+. This says it all. They nailed it perfectly...which makes all the rest even more disappointing.
Tribal Phase: B. Too difficult to make allies at times.
Civilization Phase: B-. Too many limitations on placement of buildings / defenses in cities, too restricted (only 12 cities, no more, no less?!), too few choices of units that cities can build (3, no more, no less, period, end of city's production capabilities).
Space Phase: D-. The biggest, longest phase of the game is also the worst disappointment. I can't play 5 fucking minutes without being THE ONLY one who can respond to an ecological disaster, or an attack on my home, or my colonies, OR MY FUCKING ALLIES. Camera controls are positively abysmal, making combat impossible for ME, but obviously not the computer when I'm swarmed by 5 enemy ships and can't see them. Enemies come out of nowhere, and for no apparent reason to attack me without any warning (fucking radar, anyone?) Ridiculous demands are placed on me by my neighbors. Important missions are time-dependent (which I LOATHE, no matter the game) and are constantly interrupted by nagging, annoying shit. My cities seem COMPLETELY helpless in defending themselves, even if I leave turrets all fucking over the place, plus fighters and tanks. The galactic map is disorienting. I can't build additional ships (even to leave in defense) and the ships gifted to me by my allies are nearly useless, then I get blamed when the ship is destroyed by an enemy attacking me, that I can't fucking avoid.
FINAL REVIEW: D, which is terribly disappointing, after all the hype and the wait.
(I want people to avoid the same mistake I ALMOST made in buying the game.)